Getting help = getting further faster so good on you for having the guts/brains to ask for help.

Now then, my help is NOT for everyone…let’s go over who it’s not for so we can clear the tracks for those who it IS for:

My help is NOT for:

  • Whiners and complainers – I get it, “adulting” is hard. We all belly ache a little now and then but if it’s your go to response to tough situations, please slide on down the bench cause you won’t get anywhere with that approach.
  • Broke Folk – Look man, I’ve been broke and it sucks. I can also promise you that you can fix it up. There’s opportunity and $$$ all over the place. Think, decide and hustle and you can get “un-broke” very quickly.
  • Looky-loos who never do – I was TOTALLY this guy! You know the type…they spy on everyone else, admiring who they’ve got their life/business set up and aspire to “one day” be as awesome. Horse pucky! Just choose to be awesome RIGHT-FUGGIN-NOW!

Who my help is DEFINITELY for:

  • You’re an action oriented badass that loves to implement fast so you can see results sooner rather than later
  • You’re willing to take a little risk here and there (’cause you know reward is right on the other side of risk)
  • Unstoppable is the best way to describe your drive and determination
  • You’re a fun, happy, positive person who thrives on and pushes toward excellence everyday
  • You invest in yourself and your future to shortcut the path to progress

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