Incorporate a business in Ontario

If you’re looking to incorporate a business in Ontario, you’ll be in for quite a struggle depending on how you do it.  The ideal method is to go to a professional accountant or lawyer and have them take care of it for you.  In Ontario, this can cost between $1000-$2000.

Personally, I like to know how things work and prefer to take care of things myself (at least for the first time through a process).  With this in mind, I decided to research incorporation on my own.  I had been through the process once before and found it extremely cumbersome so this time I figured I would share the experience so others could learn from it and hopefully save some time and headaches.

The first thing I noticed is that the government of Canada has the most cumbersome, un-user friendly websites I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen some rough websites).  The first trick is to even FIND the government of Canada websites.

There are tons of companies out there selling services such as NUANS searches, Incorporation supplies (like seals and minute books) and so on and these companies have outranked the Canadian Government on every possible keyword phrase relating to incorporation.

The first website you need to be aware of is here  I’ve shortened the link because it was long and ugly.  This site will explain all of the ins and outs of incorporation in Ontario.  NOTE:  It makes a difference if you incorporate in Ontario or federally in all of Canada so consult the pros to find out the difference.

You’ll need to no a NUANS name search and every website you land on will charge you a different fee.  This is all done electronically so there should either be no fee for it or it should be regulated by the government (in my opinion).  Either way, I did my search here

Next you’ll need to file your articles of incorporation.  The nearly impossible to find government site for that is at this link

Please note that if you file your articles of incorporation and there are errors, you’ll have to call and any Canadian that has ever called the governement of Canada will tell you the same thing….NEVER call any government office.  Yes, they are very nice people and when you do actually get through, they will do their best to help you BUT….they are severely “understaffed and over worked” so you could wind up spending a lot of time waiting for someone to answer your call.

Save yourself the grief, skip a step and go to a Private Sector service provider.  I used a company called Cyberbahn and had the incorporation process over in 10 minutes.

I hope this post is helpful.  If you’ve incorporated and learned some tricks along the way or have questions, just leave your comment in the box below and we’ll discuss it.





Massive Mental Shifts – Episode 1


Be Yourself - Oscar Wilde

“Learn From the Best Mentors You Can Find, but Make Sure to Be YOU”

Over the past few years I’ve been on a mission to re-map my life and have made some incredible discoveries…

I’ve made discoveries about life, business, work, other people, technology, marketing and most importantly …myself.

Some recent events over the past few weeks REALLY cause me to look a lot closer at myself and I made another massive shift in my thinking.

You see, since I’ve been on this journey, I’ve been learning from some amazing mentors.  We’re talking multi-millionaire marketers, super sharp business minds and creative types, a counselor, a few pastors, the homeless and the unemployed, my family and friends, my wife and and my children.

Now this may not be a secret to those that know me, but I’m an EXTREMELY emotional person (No,  I will NOT watch Old Yeller with you thanks) and I’ve been ashamed of that and used it against myself in the past.  This time was different and I think it guided me and allowed the shift to happen.

Recently I had a discussion with a mentor that absolutely shattered me…temporarily.

It shattered me because I don’t think there is anyone in the online business world that I respect more and I thought we were friends.  That’s a whole separate discussion.  Point is that he did (as he always has) helped cause a shift that would move me into the next phase of my growth journey and I never saw it coming.

The discussion we had went sour because I said something unfair to him where I basically failed to take responsibility for my own actions and placed some of the blame on him.

This made him lash out and retaliate with  with a few hurtful phrases that basically were very raw and cutting….but were true.

I spent a day or so completely deflated and depressed, emptied the tear ducts and wanted to quit.

Now I maybe “thick” at times and I’m far from perfect but I’m a pretty damn smart kid overall and I simply refuse to give up.  In my raw emotional state I realized a few super important things that may be of use to you, especially if YOU are on a journey to better yourself and you’re learning from others that have gone before you.

(Side Note: I see people quoting other people on Facebook all the time and I do it too.  I’ll be tying each of these “episodes” to thought or learning right out of my own head.  They may be loosely or even not-so-loosely based on a quote that caught my attention…carry on :-)

“Learn From the Best Mentors You Can Find, but Make Sure to Be YOU”

See, this dude is a business rockstar and has taught me many valuable things but what happened was I got way too wrapped up in what HE was doing and too far drawn away from being myself.  I so desperately wanted to build my business to be just like his that I actually stopped being myself.

I literally wasn’t making any moves or progress because I was trying to build someone else’s dream.  I  wasn’t able to admit it before our “altercation” but I wanted to see his next move  and then go back and build a duplicate.  Trouble was that I was so wrapped up in watching what he was doing and waiting for the next move that  I wasn’t actually building ANYTHING of my own.

That brings me to my next topic and the subject of episode 2… Sometimes the greatest growth comes from the greatest pain…

I hope you’ve enjoyed or at least got something out of this post.  Leave your thoughts and comments below and enjoy the journey…


Steve Jobs – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, died today October 5th, 2011.
Not only was Steve the co-founder, chairman and CEO of the Apple Corporation, he was a visionary who added a ton of value to so many lives.

It’s said that he was worth $1,000,000 at age 23, was worth $10,000,000 at the age of 24 and by the ripe old age of 25, he had a net worth of $100,000,000.
While huge earnings and revolutionizing the electronic entertainment industry are amazing feats and enormous acheivements, the part that amazed me the most about
Steve Jobs was the blatantly obvious passion he had for what he was doing.

With regard to the figures stated above, Steve stated that none of that excited him because ti never was about the money.  Now say what you will and believe what you want but
to me, that’s the ultimate life right there.  When you love what you do so much that every single day is lived with excitement for what you’re creating and what you’re working toward that money is no longer the primary focus…you are truly LIVING your life.

Now I know the ding-dongs will come out of the woodwork and say things like “…well sure it’s easy to not care about the money when you’re worth $8.3 Billion” and I get that but I also wonder if this was the kind of thinking that helped to LEAD Steve Jobs to become massively wealthy.

If he were super focused on inventing cool gadgets even back in the 1970′s and wasn’t worried about trying to swing big deals and secure mergers and acquisitions, don’t you think it would give him considerably more time and effort to focus on the products he was helping to create?  I do.

I’m so very wrapped up in this because of the journey that I’m on and also because of my two daughters that I’m raising.  My wife and I try very hard to make sure the girls learn the things they need to learn and that they have a good time doing it.  Sadly, so many people will follow the same cookie cutter path….go to school, study hard, get a job, hope you don’t lose it, hope you don’t run out of money before you die…..and then die.  The kicker is that kids all start out with this crazy, boundless energy and amazing ability to imagine and dream.  They don’t question things out of fear and uncertainty, they question out of thirst for knowledge, to conquer new ground and to have fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking to my eldest daughter about Mr. Jobs and getting her feedback.  No matter what your thoughts or feelings are about Steve Jobs, the Apple Corporation, iPads, iPods, iPhones and all the other iGadgets, I hope you see the point I’m making with all this and that you take a long look at your own life and where it’s headed.  I know I will.

As Steve was known to say…

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”




Person of The Day – Howard Murphy

Recently I’ve started calling out a “Person of the day” on Facebook. This is where I choose someone who has impacted my life in a positive way.

Today’s person of the day is my dad, Howard Murphy.

As I write this blog post, May 26th, 2011 my dad will have passed away 11 years ago today. Now, I would never normally focus on the Day someone died as I’d much rather focus on the days they LIVED starting with their birthday but I’ve been having a very tough time with a few things recently and even though it’s been 11 years, I still to this day remember my Dad and wish he were here so we could talk about some of these things.

We may have had some differing opinions (long hair vs. short hair, Ninja vs. boxing etc.) but I respected my Dad a lot and he taught (and continues to teach) me some very important life lessons.

I’ll share a few and even blend in some of his words to me in quotes….

1) People are more important than ANYTHING else in the world.
“Michael, the way to measure the life you lived will be by the people who wind up standing around your casket at your funeral. It probably won’t be your banker, your lawyer and your accountant but if you treat people with respect…they’ll be good to you…”

2. Don’t be so serious
This one cracks me up because I’m a natural born worry-wart and I got that trait straight from my Dad! It’s like we feed on undue stress.

“I’ll get serious when they’re shoveling the dirt in my face” – Dry sense of humor pops…thanks for that!

3. Work Hard and Be Honest and the Money will Come
My Dad was the definition of a hard worker. As a construction foreman, his job was to plan and lead the guys to get the job done. If you drove past their worksite on any given day, you’d most likely find my Dad working the shovel and his guys LEANING on theirs. I’m sure he saved these turkeys a LOT of sweat.

4. NEVER EVER…..EVER disrespect your Mama!

This was made very clear to me. “If I ever come home and find you disrespecting your mother, I’ll have to knock you out…”

I don’t remember getting knocked out many times, though I’m sure I deserved it (sorry Mom) but I see his point now. Mothers are the lifeblood of the family.

5. Play VERY Hard
Nobody will EVER be able to say that my Dad didn’t have a good time. He worked very hard and played 10x harder. Showing true sign of Irish descendant, he may have taken in the odd pint of brew. I can still hear the stories and recite most word for word and I definitely know the value of having a good time.

So, every time I click on the Sunday Morning Classics and hear those crazy old country songs on the radio and I grin as I sing along, oblivious to why I seem to know most of the words to 100 songs that I couldn’t tell you the title of, I’ll fondly remember you Dad. You were the best friend I never knew I had and I’ll always be proud that you were my Dad.

I love you,

Speaking Live – Soaring Sisters

Recently I did an interview with one of my Internet Marketing Mentors and as you’ll see in a future post, he drove me to take action on and area that I need to work on which was communication. He suggested I contact a mutual friend who is a world class speaker and get some tips.

Well, the world class speaker suggested I get a live speaking gig, record it and submit it to him to be critiqued…so that’s what I’ve done.

I went and spoke to a group of lovely ladies who are all business owners and I delivered a quick 24 minute presentation on some VERY important topics. We covered the Power of Personal Potential and Living Life with No Regrets.

I truly meant every single word I said in the presentation and I challenged the ladies to come to this blog post and leave their comments.

If you’re one of those ladies, welcome! I hope you got something useful out of the presentation and please let me know the details by commenting below. Let me know what you took from the presentation and how you plan to implement it in your business and your life.

It was a pleasure to share your meeting and I look forward to hearing your success stories.

You Rock!


Building a 6 figure business – Interview with James Schramko

Building a 6 figure business – Interview with James Schramko


James Schramko is the founder of SuperFast Business (as well as many other highly profitable ventures) and I caught up with him to pick his brain about how he was able to build a 7 figure business from home with zero staff, a wife, 4 children and a 70 hour job occupying the bulk of his time.

James claimed in another interview that I’d heard that he could now build a 6 figure business from scratch in record time (basically in mere hours).

When you hear the amazing skills and tactics that James shares, you’ll come to understand how he can pull it off but more importantly, it will give you and idea of how you can set up, systemize and optimize your own 6 figure online business.

Here are some takeaways that I caught from James during this interview:

- To be successful in business (and pretty much anything in life), you must want it BAD

- Get clear on what’s possible, erase the limits and think WAY bigger

- Win the battle in your mind

- Treat your online business like a business

- Get clear on what you want and why (your why should also be very strong)

- Get help

- James was making 100 sales per month at $100 commission each. He got to that level by paying attention to what was working and doing more of it. He cloned one of his sites that were doing $5000 per month and it got him to $10,000 per month.

- Set clear, big goals

In 2004 James set a goal of having $1 Million in passive income, zero debt and an acreage…but he had NO IDEA how to get it. (In case you missed it, he has SMASHED those goals and created newer, bigger goals)

- Create solid products and site that solve a problem and build lifetime clients from them

- Track clicks/keywords etc.

If you’d also like the transcription to the interview, simply comment on this bog and let me know or even better, enter your name and email address in the box on the right hand side of teh page and the transcript will be auto delivered to you.

Comment below with any questions you have for James Schramko. I’ll have him swing by and answer them.

Think and Grow Rich

One of my new years resolutions was to really ramp up my learning and make sure I’m only taking in the right information. My coaches and mentors call it sharpening the saw.

I recommend you do the same.

People go on and on about time and how they don’t have enough of it to read or listen to inspirational audios. Here are a few quick tips to make sure you get to Sharpen The Saw…

1) Lose the TV. I don’t watch TV ever…ever. I watch the odd movie with my wife and /or kids but TV is a waste of time
2) Leverage your trapped time – If you commute to work, get books or programs in audio format and listen to them instead of the crappy news that’s on the radio.
3) Read what you need – you don’t HAVE to read every list word of every single book you pick up. I usually do because I’m crazy like that but you can take a book, read the info you need to and move on.

Let’s jump into January’s book. I read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I’ll share some highlights with you…

The mind is the most important tool you have in business and life and chances are that you don’t use yours to the best of it’s ability.

Here are my main takeaways from this book that will sharpen my mind:

- You must have a very strong and undying desire to achieve your goals financially and otherwise.
- You must also have a very strong faith in yourself that you are going to achieve these goals. Some will SAY that they have faith but I’d be willing to bet that their faith isn’t as strong as they’d like to think it is. You must believe with every shred of your being that you are going to succeed no matter what and then take the action needed to make it happen.
- You must become a leader. To do so, you must become and intelligent follower. Ask better questions of people you admire and who have achieved a level of success that you aspire to. Stand on the shoulders of giants they say. Good advice.
- Know the major attributes of leadership and make sure you are incorporating them into your life. This section and the one that follows it were worth the whole cost of the book on their own.
- Know the 10 major causes of failure in leadership and make sure you are NOT making these mistakes.
- Learn how to transmute sex in success in your life
- Outwit the 6 ghosts of fear – erase the things that you think stand in your way.
- identify the “57 famous alibis” and make sure you NEVER utter them….ever!

These are just a few of my learnings from Think and Grow Rich (there were many) and I’m sure you’ll have many of your own. This book has changed lives and I hope yours is next.

Grab your copy of Think and Grow Rich Here, read it and then come back and comment on this blog post to tell me what you thought.

Best of Success

2011 Resolutions

Hello my friends new and old! A new year is here and I always get excited for the new year.

I love all the upgrading, cleaning and resolving that goes on as people get all amped up to
really kick ass in the new year.

It is kind of bummer that it doesn’t always last and I noticed the huge attendance at the gym
dwindles WAY off by about March and by May, 90% of those new faces are LONG gone. Why is
that do you suppose? I’m sure there are lots of reasons but I’d be willing to bet that the main one
is good old fashioned lack of drive. People want things easy and things that are worth having are
almost never easy.

I’ve found that to make things easier, you’ve got to do four things and do them very well. Those
four things are: Clarify, Simplify, Plan and Execute

Clarify – You’ve got to get clear on what you want and I mean REALLY clear. Specify what you
want, how you want it and when you want it. Get specific with your goals and yourself. It will
make things easier as you work toward your goals.

Simplify – Most people have their lives WAY too complicated. I did a bunch of things in 2010 that
allowed me to simplify. I’ll list a few below and you can pick and choose the ones that you think
might have the most impact on your life.

* Delete contacts from phone/email etc that you aren’t in touch with regularly
* Round up things in your house that you don’t use anymore or don’t really need and either sell
them off or give them away
* Spend a whole day (or even two) giving the house a purging and cleaning like it’s never seen
* shred old paperwork and get rid of it
* become ruthless with your time and spend it like it’s the most precious thing you have (it is!)
* donate unused clothes and toys to charity
* purge your office or workspace
* delete files on your hard drive
* empty your email inbox

I think you get the idea. Basically we can sum this up by saying “have less crap in all areas of your
life. If your car is a mess, your desk is a mess, and your house is a mess, it’s pretty safe to guess
that your life is a mess.

Plan – This is the fun part. Well, I’m a little twisted and actually love purging stuff, but planning is a
close second. Plan what you want from life and REALLY get clear on this part. If your goal is to lose
weight, build (or have built for you) a great plan that will be exciting and interesting to follow and stick

Rather than say “I plan to lose weight in 2011″ you might say “I’m going to lose 20 lbs by March 31st, 2011
by eating a well balanced diet and exercising every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday”

Do this type of planning for each area of your life. I’ll share my plan in an upcoming post…

Execute – The best laid plans are total garbage if you never execute them. The best time to execute your
new plan is RIGHT NOW. Over the holidays I heard a lot of people say things like “oh, I’ll get serious with my
weight loss after Christmas”

Why wait? Don’t let your plans sit there and spoil, act on them now in case there is no tomorrow!

This is the start of New Year that could bring you everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Dig in and have fun!


Make Money Blogging – Interview with Denise Wakeman

Make Money Blogging – Interview with Denise Wakeman

I’ve recently become very curious about how people called “bloggers” make money blogging. I mean, I’ve seen plenty of blogs and some look great while others look and are incredibly boring. Since I’m the type that likes to pick things apart and see how they work, I figured I could do the same with these peoples blogs.

Now it’s very easy to see which ones look like crap and likely don’t achieve much while others look stunning and professional. One person who’s blog I was drawn to right away was a lady I’d met at the NAMS conference in Atlanta.

I heard her speak there and she was the first person that got me thinking about how my OWN blog needs some help (it’s coming…stay tuned).

Her name is Denise Wakeman and I just interviewed her for an upcoming Checklist product that I’ll be releasing called BlogProfitsChecklist which will basically take everything I learn from Denise and the other bloggers I’ll be interviewing.

If there are specific questions you’d like answered to help your blog get earning income, be sure to post them in the comments. The finished product will give you all the ins and outs of blogging for profit and will have audio interviews and transcripts as well as the checklist itself.

I’ll also be picking apart my own blog based on the things I learn from these blogging experts. You’ll want to see that so you can have a few laughs at my expense. Be sure to get yourself signed up to my VIP mailing list by filling out the box on the right and I’ll be sure to share the goodies with you first.

If you’d like to check out and learn from the fabulous Denise Wakeman, you can do so here.

Going post more often and I’ve got some cool new tricks to share with you!

Catch you soon

Keyword research – The basis of ALL online success

Right now I’m in Atlanta, Georgia at a live ting event called
NAMS and it really is opening my eyes to a lot of things.

One thing I’m determined to do is to capture what I’m learning
here and sharing it with you.

I realize that not everyone can get themselves to Atlanta to be
here and it will cost me somewhere around $850 to have attended
this event.

With that in mind, I’ll be offering you a few things you can pick
up for free as well as a few things that will cost a few bucks
but be well worth it.

I’ve already mentioned how important keyword research is, but I
really want to drive the point home.

I’ve built many sites that simply targeted the wrong keyword and
of course…they failed.

They failed to get visitors and they failed to make any money.
Not good.

While at NAMS I sat in on a great session on keyword research
where 4 experts were grilled about keyword research.

It was recorded and I can share the recording with you dirt cheap.

Go pick it up, have a listen and let me know your thoughts…

Here’s the link